Lotus Iranian Company with the brand name of Amahome was established in 2010. During these years, it has succeeded in designing and producing beautiful and durable products in accordance with the modern standards using the knowledge and experience of its engineers and specialists. Amahome Research and Development Center is constantly monitoring the market demand and developing wood style in your home and kitchen.

Amahome products are made of first-class walnut wood. The choice of walnut wood for production comes from two main reasons:

  1. Beauty in the inherent color and texture of walnut wood
  2. High strength due to the high density of walnut wood compared to other woods

Amahome considers himself an environmentalist. Respect for the environment has always been part of our business. We consider environmental activities in all decisions in the field of wood production. Since the walnut tree is considered a profitable tree because of its fruit, its cutting must be done for logical reasons. The walnut tree is not a forest tree and cutting it will not make the area tree-free. The walnut tree is a garden tree. Walnut trees are often cut large in diameter to allow younger trees to grow and flourish. By removing large trees, large leaf canopies are removed and sunlight penetrates the garden floor where young foliage and wildlife can flourish. This process is called selective pruning. By cutting stumps 30 cm in diameter and up, smaller stumps find room to grow.

Warranty and maintenance 

Amahome products are supplied with a lifetime warranty. If any of your utensils are cracked or tangled with regular use, we are obliged to replace them.

  • Never let water remain in your wooden container for a long time
  • Never wash your wooden dishes in the dishwasher
  • Never use your dishes in the microwave
  • Never use sharp objects such as knives, sharp forks, etc. to serve in wooden utensils
  • Never use dishwasher wire or scotch tape to wash wooden dishes
  • Amahome recommends using water and a small amount of mild soap and soft sponge to clean your wooden products and then dry them with a towel.